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Student Research Projects

The topic driving the research carried out in the department of Software Science are models and modeling. Models provide abstractions of systems, artificial or natural, that allow reasoning about properties of these systems, ignoring extraneous details while focusing on relevant ones. Explicit models have always played a key role in science and engineering. There is a clear trend in computer and information science towards the systematic use of models as the primary artifacts throughout the engineering lifecycle of computer-based systems. Requirements, behavior, functionality, construction and testing strategies of computer-based systems are all described in terms of models. Models are not only used to reason about a system, but also used to allow all stakeholders to participate in the development process and to communicate with each other, to generate implementations, and to facilitate reuse.

Bachelor thesis projects are written within the context of the corresponding course. General info about the process of doing your master thesis, including the administrative procedure, is available at the Master Thesis Lab webpages.There are many opportunities for bachelor and master research projects within the SWS department. They can be grouped in the following themes:

  1. Embedded Systems
  2. Learning and Testing
  3. Verified Machine Learning
  4. Task Oriented and Functional Programming
  5. Foundations
  6. Computing Education
  7. Algorithms and Data Structures

Some of the listed topics (especially internships at companies) are only suitable as an MSc project. For most topics however, both a bachelor and master thesis project can be defined, as well as research internships within the department. Note: there are opportunities for doing internships at the prestigious Max Planck Institute. For Software Science in particular the MPI for Software Systems is of interest. In fact, we will be happy to help you to arrange an internship at any place on earth where serious software science research is being carried out. Contact Frits Vaandrager in case you are interested.